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Our Team

First of all, we have been motorcyclists for a long time. We are absolutetly passionate about this unique lifestyle but, we always had some kind of difficulty getting our bikes washed in a washing place.

All we had as option was Car Washers, which often, due to lack of professional knowledge, sometimes damaged something on the bike, until one day I had the terrible experience of having my sound system burnt and it also happened to friends of mine. This incident occurred because they used a very strong pressure washing machine.

Then came the time where we had to understand more about it and then hundreds of researches began around the world on motorcycle washing, detail, etc.

In Italy we have found a “vapore acqueo” washing system, a mixture of hot water and QVC, a polymer-based cleaner.

After that came the courses in order to be able to manipulate the various types of chemical compounds, ways of using them and the various ways in which we could get a job done to the utmost perfection.

After 3 years of testing, we have improved our services with products imported from Europe which we put into practice in our store.

Come and bring your bike so we can properly take care of it and provide protection in the right way.