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Special Washing

Water / Shampoo  / Spray Lavare

What is “Vapore Acqueo”?

This is a gentle but effective way to wash, which doesn’t use chemicals, preventing any corrosion on the rubber and plastic fairing, chrome oxidations or anodized parts and stains in the paint.
The wash is made with high degrees Steamer in 200 PSI, not only removing the most impregnated dirt but also engine greases, oxides in wheels and brake system.
In order to wash a bike using the common method it is needed an average of 5 to 6 gallons of water, shampoo, degreaser, among other chemicals.
Washing the same bike with Vapore Acqueo System, it is used only a half gallon of water and less time.
The steam system helps in applying the other products we use to make the paint and chrome look great.

What is Detail?

Detail is a systematic process of meticulous cleaning, which leads to rejuvenation and protection, giving your painting a smooth surface such as mirror effect resulting in a fantastic shine.

What is surface contamination of paint?

The surface contamination of a painting is a compilation of various harsh elements including; oxide particles (found in brake dust), tree sap, insects, bird droppings and etc.
All these elements can cause permanent damage to the paint, if not properly controlled.
The process of removing contaminants using any of our Detail is highly effective and guaranteed.

Why should you try Detail?

Every day, the bikes are exposed to possible harmful things including: sun, dirt, smog, acid rain, dust, insects and bird droppings.
A professional Detail, will prevent your bike from these problems, and will help to maintain the paint and chrome with maximum protection.
Just like a regular oil change or a tune-up, the Detail is not just a good practice, but also helps ensure your investment.
Taking good care of your bike will help its longevity, increase its resale value and most importantly, its appearance shall always be like new!

And what about scratches?

Our specialists at Lavare were trained to remove surface scratches, swirl marks and straps scratches using advanced polishing techniques. We are going to previously analyze the painting to see how we can eliminate the problems.

How do we protect your paint and chrome?

After decontamination, we apply hot Carnaúba UV, which will give the painting a great enhancement and protection from: sun’s harmful rays, acid rain, salt, air pollution, insect fluids, bird droppings, etc.
After Carnaúba UV, it is applied a super synthetic polymer, that seals the protection under the painted surface, leaving an even more fantastic shine.
It is advised to use hot Carnaúba UV process and base polymer every 6 months.